PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY 1.6. - Sold out!!!

is sold out 5 months in advance!

As you may know, Beach Stage bands are also selling tickets, so head on to their websites and check if they still have some left in their stock:
Flag On Fire, PLANET WATSON, Golliwog, Backstage, Kreshesh Nepitash, Slander, ants, Coral Springs, For I Am, No Matter, Rebuke, The Octopussys, X-State Ride, Fat Randall, Larrakia, Super Action Heroes, SPIN-OFF, The Human Project, Thanx 4 All The Shoes, Kill The President, No Contest and NOOPINION

WARNING! Placing order DOES NOT RESERVE your ticket. If you have placed order, please go ahead and make payment. Non-paid orders that are older than one week will be canceled (as stated in MH Shop Terms and Conditions).
The ticket orders that might not be paid in the next 7 days will be canceled and put back on sale, so we might still have a couple tickets available in our shop next Monday. But not very likely.