YASHIN - Released new video "Vultures"

New video "Vultures" from new album "The Renegades".

"Vultures is a song we are very excited for people to hear, not only cause of the raw power of the track but because it explores another darker melodic side to Yashin" singer Harry Radford points out. "Everyone goes through pain and heartache and everyone needs to learn to cope in their own way. Sometimes things aren't meant to be but that doesn't make it any easier, young love is an awesome thing but sometimes the people you love change before your eyes. The basis of these life lessons was the inspiration behind Vultures."

Featuring heavy riffs, big hooks and bursting with melody 'THE RENEGADES' will mark the start of a new era for the band who are now back from their silence and plan to conquer everything in their path.

With the first single release 'DOROTHY GALE' and the title track 'THE RENEGADES' already out there, YASHIN set the tone and prove that they are stronger than ever.