LIONHEART - Release new video

The California hardcore band Lionheart has unleashed another new music video from their upcoming album Love Don't Live Here. "Keep Talkin" was released today via the Impericon YouTube page and was shot at a house party the band threw in Oakland.

"This is an ignorant and heavy song, which is all its supposed to be," says vocalist Rob Watson. "We do this shit for fun, not for a career. We aren't looking to change the world via an MP3. For all you whiny internet weirdos who take this shit way too seriously: this one's for you, & if you don't like it you can suck my dick from the back, you fuckin crybabies. "
Love Don't Live Here will be released via LHHC Records (a label formed by the band members themselves) on January 22nd. Lionheart has also signed with BDHW Records for the album's release in Europe and Asia. It was engineered by Cody Fuentes at Rapture Recording Studios in Hayward, CA and is available for pre-order at All in Merch.
Pre-orders via iTunes will include an instant download of "Keep Talkin" and the record's first single "Pain".

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