BRUTAL ASSAULT 2015 - Festival Review With Photos and Videos

It was once again that time of the year to make a road trip to Czech Republic. It was 20th anniversary of Brutal Assault festival.

There was a museum inside festival area about the history of the festival and if we take a look back how it started as underground fest with 350 visitors and where is it today with 10k plus is just incredible.

Like years before the fest has two main stages Jagermaister and metalshop stage and Metalgate as third small one.


On main stages Diphteria had the honour to open the festival, home gridn core band. Obliterate from Slovakia followed with grind also.  Thortharry was the third with their death metal.
Minority Sound was interesting with their cyber metal, after them it was time for Mortifila with death metal.
Finnaly it was time for some bigger names. Monuments with their progressive metalcore or djnet whatever you wanna call it and their charismatic frontman pulled out a great show, one of the best in hour humble opinion!

Melechesh was next band, but we run to the third Metalgate stage to see Suffocate With Your Fame, Czech metal core/post-hardcore band. What as pleasant surprise that was. This six peace pulled a hell of a show wit three guitarist, all technically equipped. The only remark we can say is that the vocalist has growls more in the vain of death metal then core scene. Also one of the best shows for us!

Before them on Metalgate stage we could seen Postcards From Arkham, Mallephyr and Drom. The bands that followed Suffocate With Your Fame were Ad Nauseum, Touche Amore, Mortally Infected, Perturbator, Trap and last one Ador Dhorath.

So it was time to go back to main stages. Nuclear Assault were already playing their trash metal . After them it was time for deathcore and Carnifex provided a lethal dosage of it. Good show with crowd appreciation.
Next was Triptykon with black doom. The fest continued with Katatonia.

We would rather skip this part out, but anyway….as fan of the band is sad to see in what conditions is Max. Yes, we are talking here about Soulfly. Seeing them dozen of times this time around the only good thing is fresh young energy by his sons playing, the rest of it is not worth mentioning. He is going on similar way as Ozzy and Lammy.

To close the day or better the night Mayhem played their black metal opera.


Third Metalgate stage had to offer following bands: The Tower, Nuclear, Neglected Fields, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Hour Of Penance, Atari Teenage Riot, Amenra, Agalloch, Srake and Svartidauđi.

On the two main stages we could see Acid Force, Gutslit, Ramming Speed, Nervosa - 3 piece girls trash metal band, Squash Bowels, Aussie Be'Lakor, Swidish djent masters Vildhjarta, death grinders Benighted, experimental Hosre The Band, German electro crossover Headcrash, Asphyx, metal vikings Enslaved, Bloodbath, New York legends Biohazard as usual show packed with energy!
After them was time for another legends, non other than death metallers Cannibal Corpse and the festival continued with big names as Kreator and Annihilator. Sunn o))) ambient band was perfect to close the night.


We could see following bands on third Metalgate stage: NY hardcore Maximum Penalty, avant-garde Sebkhachott, black Winterfylleth, post rockers lANTLOS, doom Kypck, death God Dethroned, funeral Skepticism, trash Toxic Holocaust and black Dodheimsgard.

On main stages we could see progressive Endless, death Antropomorphia, death black Demonic Resurrection, death Blood Eagle, crossover hardcore legends Pro-Pain with solid show, (Hed) p.e. with their mix of hip hop, metal, punk and reggae. The fans loved the old songs like Bartender and Blackout. Next was latin flavour with Krisiun and Ill Nino who bring us back few years ago with nu metal.

Decapitated followed and after them was the fearless Walls Of Jericho with hardcore punch in the stomach. Then we had death metal by Kataklysm and Brujeria who switched the timetable between them, so we lost a lot Kataklysm.
Next was time for some pegan with Primordial and after explosion on stage by The Dillinger Escape Plan. Now if you like them or not you can't deny that their show is packed with massive energy.
It was time for kings of grindcore Napalm Death to take the stage.  We could see why is that. The audience eat from their hands.
On program they were supposed to play Killing Joke but unfortunately there was some health issue and band forced to cancel so in this situation  Candlemass got the best of it, because they were supposed to play at smallest third stage so they had big audience in front of them. Good for them!
Sepultura do Brasil! Yes, the trash legends was next on stage and as usual they put up a good show and ending with Roots Bloody Roots is a must have.
Comparing Sepultura and Soulfly, seen the two bands a couple of times Sepultura never disappoints!
We didn't have the time to take a zip that already mighty Death DTA started.
Godflesh took us to industrial age and Marduk wrapped us all in black in the long night.


It was the last day already. Metalgate stage offered this bands:
Extreme progressive Ne Obliviscaris, symphonic black masters Carach Angren who packed the third stage and took us magnificlly in the horror fairy tales, death Demilich, neofolk Rome, hc punk Victims, again death by Dead Congregation, infernal death Lvcifre, hc punk Wisdom In Chains, black grind Anaal Nathrakh and the end with avant-garde black Outre.

The main two stages the last that offered us following bands:
Death metal by Blood Red Throne, gore Rectal Stigma, hc crossover All Out War, death Psycroptic, post sludge Rosetta, brutal death Defeated Sanity, some vikings Skalmold, dormers Procession, djent Modern Day Babylon who last year closed the main stage on first day, Brazilians crossover Ratos De Porao, technical death by Cryptopsy, swedish trash titans The Haunted, deathcore champs Suicide Silence who were really looking forward to this festival like front man Eddie said on stage and we can really saw that by putting an incredible show by the band.

Next were Solstafir with their post metal. Heaven Shall Burn just burned all out with melodic death influenced metalcore. After that came the time for Dani and his Cradle Of Filth.
At The Gates gave us almost lethal dosage of melodic death, Einherjer their viking dope and Vader just took us to death at their best and for grand finale some funeral doom by Esoteric.

Another great festival it was and we are really looking forward to the 21st edition!