BRUTAL ASSAULT 2016 - New bands confirmed

OBITUARY, ARCH ENEMY, SATYRICON performing 20th Anniversary Nemesis Divina set and many more!

The first band in this batch comes from Belgium and is revolving around Sven de Caluwé – yes we’re talking about the butchers from ABORTED! Returning to the festival after many years are ARCH ENEMY, this time with the notoriously blue haired singer Alissa White-Gluz as a frontwoman! We’re also extremely pleased to welcome Swiss masters of technical thrash CORONER to the line-up for the first time! Pioneers of the Gothenburg scene DARK TRANQUILLITY will appear at Brutal Assault 2016 alongside one of the hottest bands in modern extreme genres ESKIMO CALLBOY. If you’re an old school death metal fan (escpecially in the vein of Leprosy by Death) we have GRUESOME for you. For the fans of experimental music on the other hand we have HYPNO5E from France and Norwegians LEPROUS, who have already played our fest as Ihsan’s live band. Esoteric atmosphere laden bands will be represented by Portugese legends MOONSPELL and and the American Egyptologists NILE! Florida death metal scene will not be represented by it’s dispiles GRUESOME but also by the mighty co-founders OBITUARY, who are in a magnificent shape! Not only the last time announced Insomnium will represent the Finnish version of melodic death metal, they will be joined by OMNIUM GATHERUM. The final unholy trinity of black metal acts consists of TAAKE, SATYRICON, who will perform a 20th Anniversary Nemesis Divina set, and of SIGH from Japan!

Some of you might consider it odd, that we have controversial black metal act TAAKE of Norway on this years' roster, since some of you have their 2007 third reich symbol scandal on mind. We've been thinking about this for at least two years. These things are against our principles and our policy and we think these things have no place in metal nor in daily life. We're still opposed to intolerant ideologies of all kinds. However this TAAKE case is a bit different. The band itself has nothing in common with political ideologies nor haven't the band's artistic course been shaped by a political ideology. We consider this live performance incident of the singer a stupid provocation, that was already punished years back. Everyone has a right to change their opinion or to mess something up and change his ways afterwards. A lifetime persecution is an instrument of undemocratic regimes. The band has been claiming not to be political act since 2008 and has apologized for the incident several times. Nine years after we came to believe that this was a one-off foolishness and we've decided to give TAAKE a chance to play Brutal Assault 2016. If you don't believe in their reforming, we ask you to understand our stance. The motto of the festival is still against violence and intolerance and this will remain.