The festival that takes place in one of the most stunning parts of the world each year has done it again this time around. People from all around the world flocked to Tolmin in their thousands to take part in this one of a kind event from August 4 to 7.

The very first indicator of how mad this party is going to be were the pre-sale tickets that were sold out in just 64 minutes. The festival still remains loyal to itself by allowing the artists to stage dive without being separated from the crowd. Although the location has not changed, the atmosphere improves with each year and we hope the trend keeps rising through the upcoming years.

As usual there were bands introducing themselves on the eve before the event: Anti Flag (acoustic), In-Sane, Scheisse Minelli and Petrol Girls were seen and enjoyed by close to 3000 people.

Day one was completely sold out. The crowd took a nice refreshing swim in the cold Soča and Tolminka rivers as Dreamwalk, Not On Tour, Upset Noise, War On Women, Consumed, Misconduct, Anti Flag, Against Me! and Flogging Molly jammed on stage.

By day 2 the fans got more used to the atmosphere. They were thrilled over the quality of the festival as the party already began on the beach stage in the morning. The evening was mostly about Madball and Beatsteaks who rocked the stage late into the night all until 2 o'clock in the morning. Some young by age and some by heart ignored bedtime until early morning.

Day three was completely insane. The crowd crashed and took over the stage for a short while. Some performers enjoyed the moment, some didn't as much. This day really was a highlight. The Exploited, Raised Fist, Less Than Jake, Death By Stereo, John Coffey and Ratos de Porao all left a huge impact on the crowd. As a result the fans crashed the stage during Less Than Jake performance and left it broken. To give you an idea of how off the hook the party was let's just add tons of mosh pit, stage dive and balloon bouncing to the previous sentence and you probably still won't be able to entirely imagine the atmosphere.

On the final day the visitors learned getting out of their tents early in the morning the hard way as the sun doesn't spare anyone. Venerea, Satanic Surfers, Elvis Jackson, The Morrons, You Nervous?, Straightline, Almeida, Darko, F.O.D., Adrenalized, Fours and many others entertained the crowd on the main stage. The area under the stage was packed with people and during the home band Elvis Jackson performance they were in for a surprise from all of the fans from the home and other lands as they joined the band on stage during their hardcore songs. Traditionally the festival ended with beach karaoke. Pigs Parliament provided the background music.

The event was a blast, the organization was as everyone wanted it to be - good, unpredictable and imperfect because only that makes it fun and special. What else could we want more than five days of good music, partying, hanging out, getting crazy... Long story short - see you next year.