SEE ROCK 2015 - Festival report

On 30. July there was finally again time for another See Rock festival. Under the motto
"Only the best for the fans," the festival took place near Graz at the idyllic Schwarzlsee
lake. Whit fusion of heavy metal, nu metal, symphonic, glam, melodic and death metal the festival was truly one of the highlights of the year. This year festival was only one day long and smaller then previous years, but not with names.
Due to different music styles there was a very diverse audience. Everyone from young,
middle aged, older people, came to see and enjoy the bands.

The most anticipated of the day were Accept, Korn and headliners of the festival Judas Priest. On
the stage we also saw other famous names like Doro and Ill Nino, as well as other rising
bands Beyond the Black and Kissin Dynamite with other underground names: Mad Soul
Empire, Ebony Archways, Rest in Fear, Detraced, Cannonballride who whit their short but
powerful performances warmed up the atmosphere for the following bands.

Beyond The Black is modern female fronted metal band with solid show. Their hit Songs Of Love and Death  was most accepted in the crowd.

The performance of Ill Nino was the first of the European Tour. They opened with crushing If You Still Hate Me, from debut album Revolution-Revolucion and followed with hits like Liar, What Comes Around, God Saves Us and I Am Loco also from the debut album with other songs like Te Amo-I Hate You , How Can I Live and new ones like I'm Not The Enemy and Live Like There's No Tomorrow. Good show from them.

Korn are currently on the world tour, this time around Europe, presentig their very first studio album KoЯn, as it is the twentieth anniversary of the release of the famous debut and they are playing it in it's entirety. Along we could see their debut outfit. Amazing show as always from the guys and in the end they played Falling Away From Me as grand finale.

Judas Priest whit their strain of memorable hits, put on a great show.  Rob Halfored is still in a great shape with band members beside him.

Again See Rock delivered another great festival that will be remembered for long years to come.

P.S. Pictures will come in fotoreport separately due to some tehnical problems we had.