SCHENGENFEST 2015 - Festival report

Once again a 4­ day festival of sound, sun and fun Schengenfest, took place at the famous site of Vinica in Bela Krajna.

The names of global and national music attractions that took place on the stage of Schengenfest this year were Rudimental, Guano APES, ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, Magnifico NIET, SIDDHARTA, SARS, ELVIS JACKSON, ELEMENTAL, GRAMOPHONEDZIE LIVE EXPERIENCE, Zablujena Generacija, STAHLZEIT ­ Rammstein Tribute show, GOVERNMENT, Noctiferia.

The first day of the festival, wednesday we saw performances of Dream on, Eclipse of time, Black Diamond, Slovenian metal titans Noctiferia who came to Schengenfest directly from the tour across China.

Another Slovenian sensation Elvis Jackson, ska with punk and metal flavour, old acquaintances of Schengenfest, who released their 5th studio album in April. The headliners of the day were the official cover of the legendary group Rammstein ­ - STAHLZEIT. Witch truly were the highlight of wednesday night. They made an awesome pirotehnic show, true Rammstien show. Just watch the video below to get an idea.

On Thursday, on the stage appeared Antioksidanti, Dirtswitch, The Fakerrs, Elemental, Energetic German band Guano Apes. On the stage we could see the cast of Asian Dub Foundation. The group, which has attracted the most visitors in front of the stage on Thursday night was Slovenian rock band Siddharta. Old acquaintances of the festival are returning after 4­years with a new album called Infra. It's their 20th anniversary and they are coming back whit a double studio album.

On friday, the third day of the festival the stage hosted: Soul Duality, Sell Out, Rock Defect, old acquaintances of the festival Zablujena Generacija, Niet (Slovenian rock bands, who fille the stages across Slovenia for many years now), Magnifico who whit his 12­piece band will represented new singles from the forthcoming album Tivoli.

Saturday night the stage held: Nosači pacienta, Sassja, Trkaj, MTV music award winner Gramophonzie, One of the main highlights of this year's Schengefest were undoubtedly, currently one of the biggest names in the Balkans, band S.A.R.S. Which this year is breaking records at the concert venues across former Yugoslavian countries. And Rudimental, who are on a world tour and are comming to Slovenia for the first time as headliners.

Below you can check the pictures.