This year's 51. festival of Beer and flowers was again marked by an anniversary. Last year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the festival. This year, the festival was marked by the 190th anniversary of Brewery Laško. This celebration led to several innovations, witch the visitors of the festival were most certainly looking forward to. The organizers have decided that the festival will be entirely free of charge.

This was the largest festival project in Laško so far. 4­ day festival took place on five stages, which helded over 50 performances, the performers come from more than 17 different countries. Main stage Zlatorog was again on Trubar embankment. This time stage Zlatorog that inspires lovers of rock music, also hosted musicians of other genres. On the stage there were bands: DoT, Mi2, Manouche, ICE, Jackson and Šank Rock. From the Southeast European countries come SARS and Hladno Pivo. Stage also hosted the Austrian ­ Russian musical attraction Russkaja. The main attraction of this stage were guitarist Stevie Salas with Colorcode and rock legends, Europe.

Stage Jubilejnik continued to host musicians, dedicated to folk and popular music The Moonlightning Orchestra, The wise men, Tanja Zagar with Avanatura Band and Alpine quintet, Oto Pestner. From Croatia comes Klapa Maslina. This year they added an additional stage Malt, which was devoted to the presentation of the best DJs. The festival attracted fans of electronic music, which in Laško so far didn't have their space.

On the main stage Zlatorog, on Thursday performed world­famous pop performer Natalie Imbruglia. She returned to the music scene, after six years, with her fourth studio album named Male.

Sank Rock was already successful on last years festival of Beer and flowers and this year was no different. One of the most famous Slovenian rock groups in the years 1982 to 2011, recorded fourteen studio albums and a string of memorable hits. Members of the band are Matjaž Jelen (vocals), Bor Zuljan (guitar), Cveto Polak (bassguitar), Roman Ratej (drums) and Saso Gačnik (keyboards). "To the older crowed we sound nostalgic, because our songs reminds them of the youth, and younger people are interested in our music because we play different music than today's rockers," say members of the group.

On the main stage, Friday night we could see a performance of the legendary Swedish rock band Europe. They returned to the music scene whit they're tenth studio album "War of kings". The album War of Kings according to critics is among the best albums of the genre, whit which Europe has successfully filled the stages of the world. The show was finished with their biggest hit Final Countdown which you can see below with pictures.