BERMUDA - Premiere new song

Bermuda have premiered the song “Vertebroken” from their upcoming album ‘Use Your Burdens’. Giving insight on the songs lyrics, vocalist Corey Bennett explained “As a whole , we’ve had the shit kicked out of us repeatedly, and most of the time it was internal. We’ve been used, and walked on to help others get where they wanted to be. Our backs may be twisted, strained, and hunched like an old mountain path…but we’ve held strong.”

Due out in late 2015, ‘Use Your Burdens‘ was recorded at Echelon Studios in Burbank, CA with producer Joseph McQueen (As I Lay Dying, Wovenwar). “When preparing for this album, we wanted to incorporate more of the things we didn’t get to fully expand upon on our previous album ‘The Wandering’.” Bennett added, “We chose the title ‘Use Your Burdens’ because despite everything that’s happened in the three years since our last album, we’ve pushed forward. We had numerous setbacks, and obstacles put in our way. We got low, almost to the point of giving up and then we got angry. We used those burdens to make ourselves stronger as individuals and as a unit.”

Fans can expect everything they loved about Bermuda in the past – the driving grooves, the low tuning, and the crushing breakdowns – refined and focused with new flourishes of melody and clarity. “We are reaching out to those going through hell and giving them the soundtrack to claw their way out.”