Schengenfest will again take place at already known location in Vinica in Bela Krajina, Slovenia. This year's edition will last four days - from Wednesday, July 29, to Saturday, 1 August!

This year bill of bands consists of such great acts as Guano Apes, Asian Dub Foundation, Rudimental DJ, Stahlzeit Rammstain Tribute band and followed by Elvis Jackson, Noctiferia, Siddharta, Elemental, S.A.R.S., Magnifico, Vlado Kreslin, Niet and many others.

One thing is seeing Schengenfest, quite another to experience it. There is nothing better after the first day you join the crowd of visitors who annually replenish the idyllic town by Kolpa river and with your hands together and welcome world-renowned regional bands and performers. When you wake up in the morning in the sunny day, freshen up with a jump in the pristine river, on the beach set the beam and wait to make hot sun to dry bathing suits, then join old friends and new friends that you met last night at the festival and together with the late breakfast and the smell of fresh coffee relive previous day. You take a pencil, take a look at the festival program of the new insignia branding favorite bands and carefree during the day. And when the day slowly turns to night, you feel positive excitement when you look around and you see 10,000 schengefest fans with quite the same smile on their face, with quite the same expectations in the eyes then you know that nothing you can not spoil the night and a good mood. Best of all is that you can now spent a memorable festival day, closed their eyes knowing that the next day you'll all be experienced again.

Grab your tickets fast and don't miss this awsome festival.