At the Wörthersee Stadium in Klagenfurt, Austria happend another spectacular Freestyle show The masters of dirt. This was the third performance so far in this years tour in Austria. The Wörthersee Stadium is probably one of the most advanced arenas in Austria. Performances were carried out on 5 ramps
for jumping, placed across the venue. The show started with the Warm Up Party, with STAR DJ MARTIN TUNGEVAAG (Wicked Wonderland), Matakustix, Fii and Kronehit DJ, continued whit the presentations of each performer by his name, country and driving vehicle.

The Wörthersee Stadium was humming, trembling and burning. We saw
everything from spectacular jumps, turns, falls, appearances with bikes,
mountain bikes, bmxs, snowmobiles, fire shows, proposals and even naked
performer running around the arena. But this is just what masters of dirt is all about..

Some of the highlights of the show included The World Of fire with Fuel Girls, performing stunts on a motorcycle in pairs, jumping skills from the cast of the very best in freestyle sports from all around the world including Patrick Guimez (France), Sam Reynolds (UK), Jose Miralles (Spain), Matej Česak (Czech Republic), Clemens Kaudela (Austria), along with other talented international Dirt jumping shredders.

MOD has successfuly toured for over 13 years so far, selling out venues all around the world.

If you missed this crazy show you can check below the pictures and video of how it was.