Metro-Detroit quintet Unalaska has released their debut five-song EP “Because You Were Home.” The group’s freshman release was produced by The Plot in You front man Landon Tewers, featuring him as well as vocalist Kiarely Castillo of Artery Recordings’ Conquer Divide. The EP showcases Unalaska’s own distinct take on the late 2000’s post-hardcore sound, reminiscent of such bands as Alesana, In Fear and Faith, and Chiodos.

Hailing from the surrounding suburban areas of Detroit, the five-piece draws influence from several of the juggernauts of the post-hardcore and metalcore genres prevalent over the past decade. Electronic and symphonic elements (e.g. Attack Attack! and The Devil Wears Prada) are combined with technical and blackened themes (e.g. Killswitch Engage and Make Them Suffer) to create cinematic soundscapes described as “beautiful, riveting, and heart-wrenching”.

The band presents a fresh take on an otherwise stale and overly-generic scene, one riddled with cardboard cut-out bands pandering with the same basic material over and over again. While their single “There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand” has been featured on Detroit’s alternative radio station 89x as well as 101.1 The WRIF, their entire EP is located for free on their Bandcamp page (unalaskami.bandcamp.com) as well as their Soundcloud (soundcloud.com/unalaskami).