PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY 1.4 - Photo Show Report

Punk rock lives and it will live, until the PunkRock Holiday will be alive. This years fourth edition of thefestival brought us an insane amount of good music and everything connected with it. The organizers tried to make the festival better trough its entire history and this year they surely did it. There are plenty of reasons for this statement. The first one is definitely one of the best sets of bands that ever appeared on this festival. The main and the beach stage shared NOFX,Lagwagon, Sick Of It All, H20, Ignite, Rised Fist, Reel Big Fish, A Wilhelm Scream, Authority Zero, Implants, Bane, The Toasters, Counterpunch, Night birds, Gnarwolves, August Burns Red, Adolescents, The Real Mckenzies, SNFU, Local Resident Failure, Tempelton Pek, Leftöver Crack, Talco, In Other Climates in Fackofbolan in the four days of the festival.

Among the best performances this year, you can easily mark the performances of groups, such as Authority Zero, which occured on the first day and Ignite, who played on the last day and also concluded the festival. Authority Zero are slowly paving their way among the biggest bands, as they proved with their performance on the main stage, which was super energetic, with the perfect mix of their biggest hits. In addition to the main stage gig, they suprised their fans with an accoustic version in the morning hours, specially with songs like Courage and No regrets. I am sure, that we will be able to see AZ on this festival again, maybe even as headliners. Another performance that impressed, was the performance of the veterans Ignite. The band united after a long time, which was surely the right thing to do. Ignite brought such positivity, energy and honesty on the stage, which not many bands can still achieve. The performance of the song Live for better day was perfect and we can easily mark it as one of the highlights of the festival. These were definitely not missing on the festival. Besides AZ and Ignite, we have to mention the performance of the swedish band Rised Fist, which with it's heavy rhythms cuts through everything that lives, A Wilhelm Scream, that perform better from one gig to another, H20, that again managed to attract the largest crowd to the stage, and at the end, Sick Of It All. Sick of It All that were, besides H20, A Wilhelm Scream and NOFX, one of the bands, that returned to the festival. They played here two years ago and even then suprised everyone with the energy, that is not missing, despite their age. They did their work perfectly, which was reflected through the public, which at the end completely occupied the entire stage, which has already become a kind of fixture at the festival. NOFX played their standard festival set. By difference from their first performance here, they spent less time talking between the songs, which was definitely a good thing. Although some fans missed some of the odler, »our« songs. The very same day also brought us Counterpunch, Night Birds, Gnarwolves, Implants, The Toasters, Bane, Lagwagon, already mentioned Authority Zero. Counterpunch and Implants, which played twice this year, as they also played on an unofficial Beach Stage warm-up gig on monday, with Evergreen Terrace, Pink Flamingos, Morning Glory and Pigs Parlament. The Beach Stage also brought us this years end of the festival, with the traditional PunkRock Holiday karaoke, which, accompanied with Pigs Parlament are ussualy performed by the bravest festival visitors.

In the folowing days we had a chance to see August Burns Red, one of the heaviest bands of this years festival, Adolescents, whose performance did not exactly impress, The Real McKenzies, that with it's scottish punk always provide the fun, french metal core band In Other Climates, croatian Fackofbolan, that were the reason for a lot of southern neighbours presence on the festival, SNFU, that unfortunately sounded a bit tired from time to time, but are still able to be a lot of fun, Local Resident Failure, kind australians, that this year played in Europe fot the first time, italian Talco, american Leftover Crack and entertaining ska band Reel Big Fish.For the rest of the day's happening, especially for those for whose the Soča river seemed too cold, the Beach stage was a great idea. The visit noticeably increased this year, especially on the first day, as I already mentioned. There are many more reasons for the festivals success, besides the music. The location, next to the Soča river is ideal. Soča and Tolminka rivers provide a cold refreshment, and with it's forest, the camping place is the prefect place for a few days relaxation. The campers can also find everything they need at the site - from warm showers, to safety deposit boxes, cell-phone chargers and so on. Also when it comes to food and drinks, the visitors can choose from a variety of choices at reasonable prices. The feeling, being among this many people is quite safe, and defitinely relaxing, which is also another advantage of this festival – the amount of people is not so high, so you can really enjoy the place, the happenings, you have everything within easy reach. The people are mostly kind and open.

PHR is not among the biggest festivals, but it is definitely among the best. So, if you haven't had achance to be there in the past four years, I strongly advice you to visit it next year. The organizers are promising another great Punkrock Holiday.

Photos by Nina Gorsic