Lineup changes!

As it's becoming a sad tradition, we have some bad news for You. Several bands were forced to cancel their tours including their performance at our festival. We're covering the topic of last minute cancelations in out festival guide which you're gonna get your hands on at the festival site, so we're just gonna state here that we feel sorry to announce that Gorguts, Arsonists Get All The Girls and Strife are not gonna play this year's Brutal Assault after all. As it's very hard to book a „proper replacement“ after a last minute cancellation, we've decided to offer the slots to intersting artist regardless their genre (dis)similarity with the original bands. Hope You understand and also the good news is that Luc Lemay personally confirmed Gorguts' appearance at the next edition.
The two new confirmed bands are Rise of Surya from the Czech republic and Poland's Obscure Sphinx. Still negotiationg about the third empty slot.
We'd also like to inform You that that only a couple of free hotel rooms remain available from us at the moment. You can book them till midnight!