Tickets and entry info from Brutal Assault.

Thank you for your interest in buying tickets. E-tickets sales has been already closed and all tickets will be processed till sunday's midnight.

We have been working hard on check-in and upgraded system for tickets check for this year. There are three most important points: 1, the check-in system will offer ”all in one” option so you will go through the ticket check, get your wristband and DVD, lanyard and festival guide. Please prepare your tickets before entering the check-in point. Newly. 1 person with 1 ticket to enter the check-in system. 2, The check-in system system (for e-tickets and pre-sale tickets) will be open from Tuesday, August 5th, from 3:00pm onwards. The same innovation is connected to the VIP camp, the box office for VIP camp reservation will be also open from Tuesday, August 5th, from 3:00pm onwards (VIP camping site will also open its gates from 3:00pm).

You can buy ticket at the spot for 80€ or single day ticket for 45€ from Wednesday 12:00pm.