New single Skydancer.
Download the new INHEARTSWAKE single 'SKYDANCER':

The inspiration behind Skydancer is a little more complex than your average single. In an effort to create awareness and raise money for the less privileged, In Hearts Wake have put together a video and short documentary about the plight of the Native American people and other indigenous cultures in today's fast moving world.

"Skydancer" is available for download with 100% of all money raised going directly to three grassroots not-for-profit groups that support native populations and sustainability within their communities. The organisations affiliated with the project are 'Seventh Generation Fund For Indigenous Peoples' in North America, Germany's 'Hardcore Help' that focuses on Africa, and Australia's own 'Red Dust'. The fund raising period is set to last for 30 days from the projects launch.

The Skydancer Project website was launched on Friday 4th October with a somewhat ambiguous tone, asking for fans to "register their interest" in the project by clicking on an icon of an eagle. The site received an overwhelming amount of traffic and shares on social media, which was driven by UNFD and In Hearts Wake, in an effort to engage fans and further spread their message to an international audience. The track "Skydancer" was inspired by a documentary about Native American ironworkers contracted to build the skyscrapers in New York City, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

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