"God Feels Nothing" from Deserters upcoming EP 'Try To Feel', which hits digital retailers on 10/29 through Mediaskare Records.

"It's about guilt and God's capacity to feel. I believe that if God could feel guilt, or anything at all, he would have bowed out, a long time ago," stated vocalist Matthew Roell. Explaining, "We are told that he is omnipotent, omnipresent, all-powerful and all knowing. Why would it be a sin to kill myself, if God planned it? Why would it be a sin to voice my disbelief, if God wrote the script? The only thing that makes me Godlike and the only thing that makes God like a man, is knowing when it is our time to leave."

'Try To Feel' will be available via digital retailers on October 29th through Mediaskare Records.

The band recently announced that a Google+ Hangout has been planned for October 19th, where fans will be about to chat with the band and hear 'Try To Feel' in its entirety before it hits stores. Special guests from Mediaskare bands and other friends of Deserters will be stopping by the event as well. More info can be found at