Here at INSANE BLOG we had a pleasure to chat with one of the new emerging bands in the world today DAVEY SUICIDE. This summer they toured US with Static-X and put amazing shows every night. We had a chat with frontman Davey.

When reading your bioghraphy, we can see that you had idols as kid beside Axl Rose and Marilyn Manson also Eminem! What kind of music Davey are listening beside metal today?
The new stuff I'm digging right now - In this moment 'blood' , the new Deuce album and also William Control & Falling in Reverse.

You are from L:A. The scene there is huge and really hard to stand up from the rest of tha bands. How did you start?
I started on the East Coast and I already knew what i wanted to do when i got here which gave me an advantage. I knew how to build a fan base and generate buzz, it was just doing it on a bigger level and the industry was within earshot.

When people see Deavey Suicide, first bands that comes up to your mind is Marilyn Manson and Dope. What you think of that?
I hadn't actually listened to a Dope song until a couple of days ago.To me, Manson is the real deal so I guess I prefer more Manson references than Dope is the moral of that story.

How hard is nowdays for the bands to get shows,endorsment delas, have booking agency? How much the internet and the social sites became important?
I think the internet is the new machine cos you can pretty much do what a label does with that. I think it's super important. I think if you can get a good booking agent, a good manager, get on tours, and if you can generate your own buzz and make your own money you dont need them.

In May we had a pleasure to hear your first single Genaration Fuck Star and you made a video also. How was that like?
It was great. I worked with Chad Michael Ward and he has a way of just pulling the ideas out of my head and putting them on film. I think thats what a great director is supposed to do.

In early Novemeber is coming your EP. What can we expect from it, lyricly and musicaly and will be there some guests that now days are very popular and if not, with who would you love to have it if you had a chance?
The EP for me is just a crack in the door. I think it lets a little bit of light in. I don't think you're gonna really get the whole cascade of what the band is about until you get the album.
As far as a guest…I'd love to work with like, an Eminem or Axl or Manson - Those are my top 3, they're my favorite artists and collaborating with any one of those would be a really cool experience.

You were a part of Noise Revolution Tour this summer with Static-X! How was that tour for you guys?
It was cool to see the older metal crowd embrace what we do. I think sometimes they can be the hardest people to please. It was a great learning experience. I think we grew as a band and the Static crew taught us a lot in how to conduct ourselves and be a good support band.

You are again on tour! This time as part of The Scene Is Dead Tour. How is the vibe in the band to be on the road again?
This is my favorite tour I've ever been on in my life. Every day is really exciting and I love the bands we're touring with, the people and hanging out. The crowds have been the crowds that you always really wanna play for - music is their life and they let you know and they bring you presents and dress like you and it's really rewarding to go through all the bullshit that comes along with being in a band and play for crowds like these.

You said that you have five frontmans. How is the writing process in the band?
It's me & Franky and Needlz is getting more involved.But whether it's me pulling up a garage band recording and sending it to Franky or having him come over and collaborating in the same room, the equation is always the same, it's just a matter of who comes up with the initial idea to get it going.

In what movie soundtrack would you put Davey Suicide or what movie comparsion would you have in mind to decribe the music?
Silence of the lambs, the Saw movies, The Life of David Gale, American History X. I think also suspense/thriller stuff - even action movies. I could see the tracks being in something like a Batman movie or Spiderman

What are the future plans? Make a record,another video,tour as much possible?
We're gonna keep touring. We're gonna put out the album in early 2013, keep touring the country and then work towards jumping over the pond and getting overseas and globalizing Suicide!

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Davey Suicide online:
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