New video from Gomila Nesklada, a hardcore/metal band from Nikšić, Montenegro formed in 2006. Band members are: Alen Pajazitović (guitar), Vuk Manojlović (guitar), Igor Mijanović (bass), Tomaš Pejović (drums), Marko Vukajlović (lead vocals). During the five years of their work they have had many gigs in their respective country, as well as in several other countries in the Balkans, and their quality was acclaimed at the 2nd Montenegrin Jagermeister Guitar Fest, where they won the prize for the best band. The band has just finished recording their first studio album called '2000 godina' (2000 years), which was recorded at "Digimedia", a recording studio in Belgrade, Serbia. It is a DIY and the fans will be able to download it for free.