Rhode Island's THY WILL BE DONE recently completed work on a brand new EP that is slated for release later this summer. The band, renowned for their DIY approach, engineered the EP themselves and teamed up once again with acclaimed metal producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris to mix their six brand new studio tracks. With influences and roots that harkens the listener back to metal's glory days, and songs and arrangements that echo the voice of the oppressed and broken, the end result is a release that brings hope and far surpasses its predecessors, and in all aspects possesses the capabilities of cementing THY WILL BE DONE's position in the metal world. More details, including title and release date will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Commented THY WILL BE DONE frontman J. Costa: "There's always a sense of accomplishment when unveiling a piece of expression that we've created. Personally, what makes this not so much different as much as special, is that it represents my rediscovery of exactly why I enjoy expressing myself through the medium of music.

"The songs on the EP are the core of what initially came together musically as well as lyrically after enduring what seemed like a whirlwind of tribulations: the passing of several relatives, infidelity, having two friends diagnosed with disease, and having one of my best friends out of my life for a period of time. All these events occurred within a span of 18 months and I almost stopped everything.

"I wanted to express the subconscious and the suffering to illustrate the subjective emotions and responses that these events caused to ignite within me.

"There's an immense physical and emotional force behind our live performances, and it was important for us to really convey that through this recording. In our opinion, the selection of songs as well as the production of this EP coalesced into a release that really exemplifies that energy."

THY WILL BE DONE will take part in the Orion Music + More festival curated by METALLICA. The event is set for Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 at Bader Field in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Following their appearance at the Orion Music + More festival, THY WILL BE DONE will be headed to Japan for a co-headlining tour with Japanese crossover legends THE AGGRESSIVE DOGS. The tour will kick off on June 29 in Kasihwa and run through July 8 in Nagoya.

With this current line-up of J. Costa on vocals, Kurt Fraunfelter on rhythm guitar, Chris Drapeau on lead guitar, Brendan Misturado on bass and Jay Waterman on drums, a plethora of foreign and domestic performances, and literally hundreds of thousands of miles traveled, it appears that values and drive mixed with an old-school metal and rock 'n' roll upbringing have brought together a juggernaut of a band that's clearing a path with a working-class ideology.