INMATE's FREE AT LAST release show

INMATE are releasing their FREE AT LAST worldwide trough Graviton Music Services in June 2012!
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But this time INMATE offers something special to all those who can't wait anymore!

INMATE invites you to their official promotional concert at the release of their debut album FREE AT LAST on Friday the 30th of March at the Youth center Velenje »eMCe plac« in Slovenia.
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FREE AT LAST presents an important turning point in their many years' of existence.

INMATE will open their show with a short documentary presenting the concept of the FREE AT LAST album – the idea, the meaning, the story and the 'making of'.

The event will be accompanied by a photo exhibition with a title »INMATE LIVE ENERGY« by a rising photographer from Velenje - Tilyen Mucik. Tilyen will present her cooperation with INMATE trough out the years by exhibiting photos from INMATE's numerous concerts and from behind the scenes as well.
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INMATE would like to recapitulate a period of their creating, a period of their growing up, realizations and rebirth. They established foundations of their creativity that captured the attention of the public and will serve as the basis for their creativity and growth in the future.

FREE AT LAST will be exclusively for sale that night at the concert. The release date of FREE AT LAST is set to June 2012 and will be released by an international hybrid record label Graviton Music Services worldwide.

Get your ticket now @ as the number of tickets is limited!

Ticktet price: 6 EUR (4 EUR with reservation)

The entrance fee will be used for next INMATE video.