SLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor and percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan unveiled their new film and TV production company, called Living Breathing Films, this past weekend at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The company, said in a press release to specialize in "mystery, suspense, horror and the dark side of life," held a press conference, launch party and acoustic performance on Saturday (January 21) for media and festival attendees, during which Taylor and Crahan announced their initial projects.

The 15-minute "Thy Shalt I" short film, which was created by Crahan and Taylor and which was shown at this past weekend's launch party can be seen below.

Taylor told The Pulse Of Radio more about his and Clown's vision for the company. "It's something that we're very passionate about, you know," he said. "We have the same passion for film as we do for music and it's really just our way of kind of, you know, learning the business and once we learn a little more, you know, we get a few projects under our belt and we're gonna start accepting scripts and developing our own scripts, and I think it's gonna be something that's really cool."

In a statement, Taylor described the company's first, yet-to-be-named project as "very psychological," adding, "It's a study in 'Did my eyes see what I think they saw?' It's definitely going to stir the pot and get the world talking."

Both Taylor and Crahan are giving input into the first script, with Taylor telling The Pulse Of Radio that Crahan intends to direct a film at some point. The percussionist has directed all of SLIPKNOT's home videos and co-directed its music videos.

SLIPKNOT will tour Australia and New Zealand next month, with a U.S. trek in the works for this summer. Taylor is also working on the fourth studio album from his other band, STONE SOUR.