RECIPIENT13 from the earliest days of its existence has been actively
working on new material to develop.
After just a couple of months, March 13, 2009, debut concert was held.
January 16, 2010 the group gives its first performance in Europe
(Helsinki, Finland). January 18, the light goes out first EP "EXAMPLE".
April 24, 2010 RECIPIENT13 stands in Tallinn (Estonia).
November 13th the new single out "Bitch". 15/04/2011, goes the new EP "ISIS", in the wake behind him on the 22nd April the debut video for the song "Bitch". The group provides regular concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Tours to Russia to Ukraine and Belarus. And time to play on stage with such monsters as LAMB OF GOD, SUICIDE SILENCE, and CANNIBAL CORPSE.