All Axess, the web site property launched by DEVILDRIVER guitarists Jeff Kendrick and Mike Spreitzer, is keeping its promise of "bridging the gap" between professional musician and fan by announcing the segment "My First Guitar".

Many guitarists often remember their first guitars fondly and in this segment, each axeman or axewoman will reflect on the instrument that inspired them to take their music to where it is today.

"My first guitar was an acoustic, nylon string," KORN guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer revealed in the interview which can be seen below. "My brother, he had an acoustic guitar that was in his closet for I don't know how long, but we put strings on it. I didn't even know… Steel strings? Nylon strings? Everything from there was just… learning."

While Munky may be best known for his thumping grooves and eerie sounds on his downtuned, seven-string Ibanez, the guitarist says that when he first started out, he aspired to play a totally different style of guitar. "I really wanted to start playing classical guitar," he said. "I liked finger plucking. I think what inspired that was Randy Rhoads, I think he was sort of my first inspiration."