Juliet, an eight-year-old Brisbane, Australia girl, has become an Internet sensation after releasing a "brutal" video for "My First Hardcore Song", a track about her pet fishes and dog.

According to Ninemsn, Juliet's mother Kristina Childs uploaded the video, which was put together by Queensland producer and family friend Rob Sharpe, on YouTube last night. The clip has since attracted more than 3.6 million views.

"It's been incredibly overwhelming," Childs said. "Last night my phone and all my devices were just constantly beeping. There's been so many emails from radio and TV stations wanting to do interviews."

Juliet's father, Steven Childs, is a musician in Australian rock band BRIGHT LIGHTS.

The music clip, filmed in a local park, opens with Juliet climbing trees and bashing at imaginary drums before shouting the opening lyrics, "Get your two step on!"

Juliet is featured in a number of other videos, including one where she loses a tooth and one where she sings for her father's 40th birthday.

The Australian hardcore scene will never be the same!