EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: FATHER BEFORE ME - Drops First Single, "Until Lambs Become Lions" Ahead of Sophomore EP "Ruby"

Father Before Me kicks off their sophomore EP, Ruby, with the anthemic "Until Lambs Become Lions" accompanied by a brand new music video. Immediately, the song opens with an in your face shred, followed by the skate punk drums and the catchy melodies characterized by Father Before Me's earlier work.

The song and EP are both self-released by independent artist Father Before Me. Songs were mixed and mastered by genre veterans Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak at Atrium Audio (August Burns Red, Carousel Kings). The music video was shot by Tom Flynn.

Father Before Me commented:

""Until Lambs Become Lions" is the reminder that we already have what we need to face our fears. Don't run to the past, don't run to the future. However dark it seems when the lights have all gone dim, find your footing and never give up."

New York City-based melodic punk band Father Before Me continues its characteristic blend of skate punk and progressive style with its sophomore effort Ruby.

On the heels of their debut EP Emerald, Ruby opens up with the in-your-face track "Until Lambs Become Lions," setting the stage for an EP of songs that accelerates what audiences heard earlier - bigger, breathier, faster.

When asked about his family connection to music, he would emphatically reply, "I am a musician, like my father before me." His father's operatic voice would go on to influence Father Before Me's strong belty vocal melodies. While the elder Catrone had passed years before Father Before Me's inception, Elijah posits that he would have been very supportive and happy with the band's endeavors.

The influences behind the songs are as wide-ranging as the songs themselves. From the catchy, skate punk notes of NOFX and Lagwagon to the metal harmonies of Iron Maiden and 80s Metal. Father Before Me melds many styles to forge its own.

Both Emerald and Ruby were recorded with veteran production engineers Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak of Atrium Audio (August Burns Red, Carousel Kings).

The biggest challenge faced is that of a solo artist depicting a full four-piece band. Catrone plays the multifaceted role of singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer as well as that of songwriter for all songs on both Emerald and Ruby. In detailing a specific obstacle, Catrone remarked that "normally you'd expect to have a longer break between recording parts but I settled for getting 5 minutes breaks in between tracking. I'd get these blisters on my fingers after drumming which made it tough to jump into guitar sweeping."

Ultimately, Father Before Me aims to channel the positive energy that has inspired Catrone himself as a musician. The rhapsodic, idealistic lyrics and catchy melodies laid on top of progressive instrumentation serve to project a theme of fearlessness for listeners and to inspire fans to discover and celebrate their passions.

Upon the completion of Ruby's recording, Father Before Me has set sights on the next project Sapphire, which promises more of the style fans love with a new overarching theme. Stay tuned for the latest news from Father Before Me!

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  1. This song is an absolute banger! Thanks for the recommendation they remind me of Avenged Sevenfold meets Sublime.


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