MATT FULLER - Puddle of Mudd Guitarist Releases Fugazi Cover Featuring Nick Mason the Living Dead Drummer

Matt Fuller, guitarist from Puddle Of Mudd has released a Fugazi cover featuring Nick Mason the Living Dead Drummer.

"I've organized a few video covers during the lockdown, mostly to keep myself distracted and sane. A few have been songs and lineups that I played with at various when it came time to do the Fugazi cover, I called up the guys who I had recently played it with. Nick, actually wasn't the original drummer scheduled the night of the jam, but after a last minute cancellation, I asked him. He had about 7 minutes to listen to and chart out a song that was new to his ears. He did a great job the first time and an even better job for the video" - Matt Fuller (Puddle of Mudd)

"Months ago, as I arrived at The Viper Room for the Sunset Jam, I was met with frantic messages about a drummer not showing up. Apparently some people though I had be contacted to fill in, I was not. Rather than see these songs scraped and the musicians no be able to take the stage, I said I'll do it. This group was up NEXT and I had only moments to learn the material. I ran to the dressing room, listened to the song ONCE, while frantically writing out a chart. I looked at Matt and said, okay let's do it! I guess I did okay, as it was a surprise when Matt hit me up and asked if I'd like to do this video with him. It's rare that life gives you a second chance." - Nick Mason