BENEVOLENT LIKE QUIETUS - Premiere Next Single 'The Rise and The Fall'

Calgary’s Benevolent Like Quietus release their second single 'The Rise and The Fall' off the upcoming debut album “Kill The Bliss”. The brooding quintet has been working on this album for quite some time and are very excited to show off the product of their hard work which includes everything from writing to recording and mastering.

The album gives a well-rounded introduction to the Canadian band, encompassing everything from heartbreak, death, depression, to religious criticism. The second single starts with a modern goth rock feel right out of the gates. BLQ explains the track in further detail:

“Layered with a dynamic vocal melody and captivating, poetically descriptive lyrics describing a battle of mortal love and immortal life. The chorus is probably the catchiest on the album. It’s the perfect blend of rhythm, beat, vocal melody and a lead picking arpeggiated chords that give the chorus a lot of dynamic and depth.”

Track Listing:

1. The Beginning of An End (4:04)
2. My Favourite Enemy (4:24)
3. The Great Divide (3:42)
4. Soil of The Grave (4:42)
5. The Rise and The Fall (4:21)
6. Mad World (Tears For Fears cover) (4:49)
7. Where Dead Hearts Reside (3:40)
8. Love’s Inferno (4:38)
9. Dawn of Rust (4:42)
10. Darkness Collides (3:31)
11. A Voluntary Disease (3:27)