REAVER - Drop New Single "Virulentis"

DRESS THE DEAD - Release New Song "Promises & Kisses" With Lyric Video

STONE COLD STUNNER - Stream New Song "Tattered"

TAKING OCTOBER - Release New Single "Collide"

SIRENS - Drop Brand New Single "Guilt Free"

HEART OF A COWARD - Present New Single/Video And New Vocalist

OBLITERATE - Drop New Video "Impending Death"

DISCOVERENCE - Drop Third Single "Endure"

ANDREW BAENA - Drop August Burns Red 7 String Guitar Riff Compilation

MEGARA - Release New Video "Aquí Todos Estamos Locos"

KEVLAR - Announces Upcoming EP "Aftermath", Release "For What It's Worth" Lyric Video

BLOODY FALLS - To Release Debut Album In April, Music Video Out Now!

WHILE MY CITY BURNS - Drop New Video "New Beginnings"

INGESTED - Unleash New Video "Invidious"

SALVAJE - Release "Salvaje" Essay Sassion Video

VITAL NOISE - Release New Single "The Ones" WIth Lyric Video

RELENT - Drop Video For The New Single "Rise"

THE PARALLEL - Present Video For The New Single "Monochrome"

WATCH THEM FADE - Release New Video "Other Than That"

SCUMSTERS - New Side Project From Alex Terrible (Slaughter To Prevail), Teaser For New Video "C#nt""

APOLLYON - Stream New Single "Possession"

TODAY'S LAST TRAGEDY - Release New Video "Vacuous Ultimatum" Featuring Oceano's Adam Warren

ALTERED PERCEPTIONS - Unleash New Brutal Single "Azumaht" With Lyric Video

UNTIL SOLACE - Release New Live Video "11:59"

MTXS - Drop Heavy Beast "Sleep"