PAINKILLER PARTY - Zombie Apocalypse In Incredible New Music Video

Breaking News! Here is the new music video of the electro pornocore band PAINKILLER PARTY. Both Metal and Mainstream Media exploded in anger due to the existence of the band, so now there are Zombies roaming around trying to catch the band and erase them from the music scene entirely. Thank God that‘s only the content of the video „Still Fucking True“… Isn‘t it?

The grande finale is the sequel of the band‘s music video „We‘re so fucking true“ from their debut album in 2019. „Still Fucking True“ was filmed in The Escape Room Hannover together with dedicated guest actors from Germany, Austria and the USA.

The Fucking true-songs have a special meaning to the band itself, therefore the lyrics of „Still Fucking True“ contain real press quotations, real comments and real threats the band received for simply doing the music and the things they love. The song begins with:

What the heck is this kind of music No rhythm, no harmony, confusing This band is so fricking stupid I wish I could kill or at least bruise them

„Yes yes, we even got a death threat once“ says drummer and guitarist Noel. As the song later on continues:

Oh, the electronics are so annoying How can anyone be enjoying Breakdowns with children rhymes Immature porn humour in every line

Do they really think this is funny Who would pay just a cent of their money To hear this musical tumour Or am I just too dumb to understand their humour?

„Usually when a review starts with ‚If you hear the band name and think of Judas Priest‘“ growler Josefine says, „I continue in my head: You are an Old White Man who doesn't even know my genre and therefore do not really own the competence to judge it. I mean, I don‘t even know Judas Priest, I have never heard a song of that band. We never identified as Metal but still some people compare us to 50 year old bands and believe they are the ones to decide which band is allowed to exist and which isn‘t.“

Therefore it‘s time for the great showdown…