BONECARVER - Previously Known As Cannibal Grandpa Stream Debut Album "Evil"


Spanish Deathcore outfit, Cannibal Grandpa have changed the name recently to Bonecarver. The band released two EP's "Feed Your Food" in 2015 and "Septum Signa Inferno" in 2017 when the band also toured Europe!

Today the band released their debut album under the new name titled "Evil", out via Unique Leader Records. Stream the whole album below!


01. Revolver 
02. Overtorture 
03. The Scythe 
04. Mallevs Malificarvm 
05. Wormhole 
06. Moon Maniac 
07. Nest Of Traitors 
08. Hound Pound 
09. The Blacksmith's Massacre 
10. Evil