JAX DIARIES - Pokes Fun At Stereotypes In New Vidoe "Everybody"

Alternative rock band Jax Diaries releases a crazy, Italian stereotypes cover video of "Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys."

As you all probably know Italy was one of the first countries to be severely affected by CoronaVirus. When the lockdown started we found ourselves stuck at my home because we were recording some of the tracks of the upcoming album at the “Riverside Hotel" adds frontman Jaxon Pezzi "We decided before we entered Phase 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic to create something different and totally unexpected from a band like us. The goal was to try to bring back the smile on people’s faces with something funny, ridiculous and even blasphemous at times. We seriously hope this little video will help all of you guys to leave those horrible couple of months behind".

The video features the band dressed as a Pope, a Pizza Guy, an old man, a wise guy and Former Italian Prime Minister and socialist Party President Silvio Berlusconi (Italian's Donald Trump). Jaxon Diaries continues goofing off in the video until someone from Management comes in and reminds them that they need to act and dress like Rockstars. Video was shot by Lucerna Films and the song was recorded in the band's own Heavy Tones Studios.

Jax Diaries will continue to release content on a monthly steady basis with the next video "Came Down To Say Hi" featuring Guitarist DD Cavallotti from Lacuna Coil. They plan to release the album "Riverside Hotel'' in its entirety in late January 2021. The plan to start touring will start February through March 2021 covering Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and UK.