NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN - Announce First USA Tour With We Were Giants

Russian Progressive Metalcore band NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN announce they will be hitting the American West Coast this coming December for tour dates with Boise, Idaho's We Were Giants. The tour is in support of their latest album "V Ways To Accept" released this past June via Sliptrick Records. The tour will begin in Reno, NV on December 5th and stretch for 10 dates across Nevada, Arizona, and California, ending in Oakland on December 15th.

The second album "V Ways To Accept" from NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN is much more mature work from their debut release, 2017's "Let's Dream". With "V Ways To Accept" the band takes the listener on a long journey with a concept story based around human emotions. The 10 track album begins from the denial stage, going through anger, bargaining, depression and ending with acceptance. All the songs were influenced by personal experience, making this full length very sincere from the beginning to the end, each song has its own mood and involves different sub-genres, which makes a much richer impression for the listener.

The drums on the album were recorded by famous Russian session drummer Pavel Lokhnin. The production itself was done by guitarist Gene Mazunov in his home studio. The cover art was made by British designer Rich Lock. "V Ways To Accept" was released on June 25th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records.

Track Listing:

1. Denial I - Space and Time (6:00)
2. Denial II - Commotion (3:16)
3. Anger - Unrestrained (3:37)
4. Bargaining - Revoke (3:05)
5. Depression I - Razors (3:21)
6. Depression II - Illusion (5:23)
7. Depression III - Mistaking (3:34)
8. Acceptance I - Believe in Me (4:10)
9. Acceptance II - I See Through (4:55)
10. Acceptance III - Reflections (5:42)